Together with our packaging machines, we guarantee the customer a fund of experience and knowledge that makes MACDUE Kit a credible and reliable partner capable of supporting customers in developing their business over the long term.

Valentino Donetti
Founder & Owner

Taking advantage of over 40 years of experience of its parent company MACDUE, MACDUE Kit  has a leading position in its reference by offering robust, modular and flexible packaging machines suitable for several market segments, whose main strength is the excellent quality / price ratio especially considering that they are made up of high quality components.

MACDUE kit portfolio goes from designing and manufacturing semi-automatic and automatic shrink sleeve and continuous side sealer wrapping machines and case packers to shrink tunnels and conveyor belts. Many of these solutions can be sold also in assembly kits. This is a formula we reserve for our distributors.

In addition to provding a sales service, MACDUE Kit  provides its customers with a timely and effcient logistics and after-sales service able to fully meet the customer needs so to contain the unproductive time. We have a dedicated team that operates in an organized environment so to intervene promptly and satisfy all needs and requests.

The strong know-how makes MACDUE Kit a reliable and competent partner, able to guide the customer in the markets it serves and of which it is an expert connoisseur.

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